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Lamar Taunton 

Bass Guitar & Vocals

     Lamar has been playing music since he was 15 years old and has traveled all over the southeastern & eastern part of the United States. He has performed with such artist as Johnny Paycheck,  David Allen Coe, and has played in such places as Gilley's in Houston, Texas.

 He has done sound for such artist as The Tams and The Shilites. Has recorded music with Skylock, and Sparkler, which had a hit in the 80's  (Time on My Hands).  With his experience in the studio and live sound,  he is sure to please any crowd that loves to have a good time and dance.

Before joining The Bama Breeze Band, Lamar performed with The Blu Kollar Band for 6 years with fellow member Steve


Steve Maness

Guitar ,Vocals, Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo, and Steel Guitar

Steve's musical career spans 30 years with influences ranging from bluegrass to country and rock&roll. Traveling with Lick It, performing bluegrass for 5 years, then 2 years on the road backing up The Drifters.

Steve has performed with such artist as David Allen Coe, Confederate Railroad, and Billy Joe Royal.

Steve's experience and knowledge of his craft is reflected in a crowd pleasing evening.  Before joining Bama Breeze Band, Steve played with one of Montgomery's popular bands, The Blu Kollar Band with fellow member Lamar for 6 years.


Charles Langley

Keyboards & Vocals

     Charles has been playing music since he was 13 years old in and around the Montgomery area. 

He has performed with such artist as Joe South and  more.  He was one of the original members of the Final Approach Band, which played in the Montgomery area for more than 9 years, in which fellow member  Lamar Taunton was member at the end of the era in the late 80's. 

With his experience on keyboards and synthesisers, he is sure to please any crowd that loves to have a good time and dance. Before helping to form The Bama Breeze Band, Charles performed with Ray Goss and Friends, The City Slickers, and most recently the Rebound Band. If you like to hear horns and strings with good piano sounds, then Charles will sure please you



Pat Rance       (Featured Guest with the Band)

Guitar, Acoustic, Banjo, Slide Guitar and Vocals

Pat was born an army brat in Virginia. Spent 4 years in the army.  Got out and lived in and around Nashville for about 12 years, playing with some big cats such as Trace Adkins, Jessica Andrews, Sons of the Desert.

Has done shows with Atlanta Rythum Section, and others. Moved back to Alabama in 2001.  Has played with Dothan based

band Horizon for several years before teaming up with Bama Breeze. Pat's versitile style of Rock and Slide guitar as well as his Country style pickin, makes him a great asset to the band  and the rest is History.



Tony Castaldo

Drums and percussions

Tony has been playing drums for many years.  He is the newest member  of the band. His musical career spans 30 years with influences ranging from blues to country and rock & roll. Traveling with bands such a Shakedown Monkey, and others.

Caryl Lawson

Vocals and Acoustic guitar

Caryl  is our newest member and has classical music training with a modern edgy style. She sings everything from Janice Joplin to Linda Rondstadt as well a current artist such as Adele and Melissa Ethridge. She has been performing with various artist such as Wishbone Bandand acoustic act Caryl & Allen  in the Montgomery area..